New Zealand Gridiron Officials Association

NZGOA in action The NZGOA was established to provide officiating services to all levels of American Football in New Zealand. Our membership includes officials from Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Melbourne.

New Zealand Football Season

The New Zealand season runs from October to mid-February.

The games are played at several grounds around the regions.

Becoming an official

Just contact the Supervisor of Officials in your area or introduce yourself to the officiating crew at a local game.

Visiting New Zealand?

We welcome visits from overseas officials. If you're here during our season you might even get a game! Contact us so we can let you know what games are available.

Join our discussion forum

You don't have to be a member of the NZGOA to post on our discussion forum. Discuss any issue about American Football officiating from action at the local games to a controversial call during last night's NFL match-up.